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Sunday Message 5/12/24

Posted Date: 5/12/24 (7:00 PM)



Principal’s Message: 

As a reminder, school begins at 8:30 AM everyday! Students who are late to enrichment are being marked tardy. Please ensure your child is at school on time.

We want to congratulate all of our Seniors who are receiving their college admission letters! We are so proud of all of you and look forward to celebrating your accomplishments throughout the rest of this year! 

AP Testing will continue to take place this week. Good luck to all of our AP students on their exams. Hoover is proud to be an AP Honor Roll School, where the amount of students who are taking an AP exam this year is up significantly. Additionally, We are excited to announce the creation of our AP Lounge. The AP Lounge will be open to all AP students during the testing weeks to serve as a place to study, decompress, and relax during the two weeks. Please see Mr. Y for more information. 

Our Senior activities will begin this week with Grad Night on Friday night, Senior Awards taking place on May 22, Senior Decision Day on May 23, and Prom on May 24. We look forward to celebrating all of our Seniors over the next few weeks. 

We look forward to a great week ahead! 

As always, Tornados are Responsible, Respectful, and Engaged!


COUNSELOR'S CORNER Check your counselor's Google Classroom and student email regularly.

Summer School Information - Visit our summer school page regularly on the Hoover website for the most recent information. Link:

Summer Bell Schedule (Note that the same class meets for both Period 1 & 2)  

8:30 - 10:55 Period 1

10:55 - 11:15 Snack

11:20 - 1:45 Period 2

2:00 - 4:25 APEX

Summer School Dates  
1st Semester: June 10 - June 26 (Holiday June 19)

2nd Semester: June 27 - July 16 (Holiday July 4 & 5)

Summer School Reminders

  • Students with an 'F' in a graduation requirement must attend summer school for credit recovery and have been automatically enrolled by their counselor.

  • Students choosing advancement courses or to repeat a “D” grade to remain A-G eligible, must have indicated the courses in their registration Google Form or via email to their counselor if they missed adding it to the form.

  • If you are not able to attend summer school in-person due to travel, family obligations, and other major reasons, please view the online summer school options on our summer school webpage.

  • Students must use the Google Form Link in their counselor’s Google Classroom to request an online class. Counselors will then pre-approve your request or not and remove you from any in-person summer courses. Be sure to check your counselor’s Google Classroom for their link.

University Applicants: Please notify Mr. Melgar of all the responses from all the schools & complete the survey of using the link:

Senior Events - Click the link to access the information shared with seniors. Event flyer is below. Hoover High Class of 2024 - Senior Events 

Class of 2024 Local Scholarships
Possible Scholarships for Spring 2024 (Go to Ms. Iraheta’s Google Classroom regulary) 

American Association of University Women (by Nomination only)

Armenian Relief Society

Assistance League of Glendale

Bob Bartl-Grammer Memorial Scholarship/Glendale Police Officers (by Nomination only)

CASPS Scholarship (3.5 GPA or higher, must be Armenian)

Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union

Glendale School Management Assoc.(GSMA) (by Nomination only)

Glendale Kiwanis Scholarship

GUSD Adelante Latino (Speech) Scholarship

Hoover Office Scholarship

Hoover PTA Scholarship

Jewel City Soccer Scholarship 

Lloyd Lindsey Tucker Memorial Scholarship (by Nomination only)

Masonic Senior Scholarship Award (by Nomination only)

Michael F. Escalante Senior Scholar Award (by Nomination only)

Oakmont League of Glendale (by Nomination only)

Sean Coogan Memorial - Glendale Firefighters Assoc.(by Nomination only)

Subaru of Glendale Share the Love Scholarship 

Tagui Karaoglanyan Memorial Scholarship (by Nomination only)

Verdugo Hills Art Association

Vilma Bedrossian Memorial Scholarship.(by Nomination only)

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Football Merchandise: 

Our Football Spirit Shop is now live!  Follow the link to buy your favorite Hoover Football merch to wear to games and around campus. The shop will be open until May 6th, so make your purchases as soon as possible!

Baseball Fundraiser:

Please support our Hoover Baseball Program by participating in this fundraiser. You can donate by visiting this link:

Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash: teams: Hoover HS Baseball Booster Club (

Tutoring - Just a reminder that there is tutoring available. If you are not happy with your grades at the 10 week or got an F or a D in any A-G or graduation requirement class, go get help. Remember, grades of “C” or higher means 4-year colleges and universities. Please reflect on your recent quarter grades. What worked? What didn’t? Communicate with teachers, counselors, admin, coaches. Most importantly, get help and attend tutoring. See the schedule below: