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Welcome to the Hoover High School Public Safety Academy (P.S.A.)

Hoover High Police/Fire PSA badgeMission: The Public Safety Academy is a 3 year course that has been designed by the Advisory Board as a character-building program that will prepare the cadets for the challenges of becoming a teenager and a young adult.They will witness first-hand the experiences of a police officer, firefighters,and other related occupations and learn how they can make a difference. The goal of the academy is to have fun, learn discipline, motivation, and experience teamwork.

The Hoover Public Safety Academy is a career education program that specializes in POLICE and FIRE

curriculum as well as other Public Safety careers.
There are 160 students currently in the PSA representing 3 levels: First Year, Advanced, and Senior. Levels are based on the number of years enrolled in PSA.

Coordinator, Fire Instructor – Captain Kristine Lowe

Teacher, Hoover High School, and, Captain, Sierra Madre Fire Department