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ICS 100 - 1st year PSA -

ICS 700 - Advanced PSA -

ICS 100 - Senior PSA - 

1) Take course online

2) At the end you will take the Final Exam

3) After the final you will be asked to fill in your personal info, this is just like applying for college. FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, they manage most of the courses public safety personnel need to take. Please have your parents call me if they need more information (626) 232-1808.

Phone Number
Social Security #
Email (either put my address,, or your address. If you put your own address please forward me the email you receive from FEMA)

 If you do not have a Social Security # please email or call me and I will give you a printed form of the test. You will not receive a certificate from FEMA without a Social Security#.