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How to Calculate GPA

Regular Weighted
A = 4 points A = 5 F = 0 points
B = 3 points B = 4 NM = No Mark
C = 2 points C = 3 I = Incomplete
D = 1 point D =1

Class Rank is a weighted rank, which includes all courses taken in grades 9-12, including P.E.
Weighted courses have two titles: Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP)

When a student receives a D in a class required for college admission, it is often necessary to repeat the class to earn a C or better. However, when a student repeats a D grade , he/she will not receive an additional 5 credits toward high school graduation for the second grade. The high school will give the student credit for the higher of the two grades and figure only that grade into the GPA. However, many universities will average the two grades when recalculating the GPA for admission.

An incomplete grade (I) must be made up within 6 weeks. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher to make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Regular G.P.A. is computed using the scale below as if there were no weighted grades.
  2. Bonus points are assigned for each weighted class for Honors and Advanced Placement
    (classes of “C” or better. “D” and “F” grades do not receive bonus points).
  3. Total points divided by the number of semesters.
  4. Four (4) year colleges and universities have their own system of calculating the high school GPA.
  5. UC and CSU weigh only some Honors or Advanced Placement courses.