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Hoover Mission & Vision


  • We commit to sustaining a positive environment where all students learn at high-levels and are prepared to succeed beyond high school.  


  • The Hoover community commits to a safe and clean campus, organized support systems for students and staff and rigorous instruction rooted in perpetual curricular collaboration.


  • We, as professionals, aspire to be flexible, engaged, accountable and positive.  
  • We believe we should be collaborative, supportive and strive for consensus.  
  • We plan to connect with students, be caring and to develop engaging lessons.


  • Become a Professional Learning Community
  • Raise CAASPP Scores in Math and English
  • Achieve Blue Status on CA Dashboard for College & Career Readiness
  • Improve Supports for Social, Emotional & Physical needs of all students

Instructional Focus 

  • Tornados are Literacy Champions who show what we know through writing, reading, speaking, and/or creative expression measured by an increase in students fulfilling the A-G requirements and increased proficiency on the CAASPP.