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  • Parents: promote opportunities for them to help that don’t necessarily involve being on the board such as helping with concessions, donating food to teacher appreciation or volunteering a PTA event.

  • Teachers: invited to showcase their classes, programs or work on issues with parents and students.

  • Students: Invite to showcase club, cause or discuss issues related to school.


  • Association meetings will feature a current report from Dr. Earl of what changes, updates and new policies to be implemented at Hoover. Example topics might include new policies for homework, security or health/mental health. A question and answer period will follow to allow all attendees to voice concerns or support to the topics raised in the report. 

  • Bring teachers, parents and students together to discuss and work on solutions to problems that affect all.

  • Accessibility for all

    • Zoom-in option for all association meetings with recordings for parents to watch after if they can’t make it.

    • Continue with child care

    • Language translation – 3 or 4 different languages


Hoover is an amazing school with programs, electives and clubs for everyone. Through association meetings and other PTA programs and events, we aim to inform, support and celebrate the diverse opportunities that are offered at Hoover.

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